This is a great place to start when understanding web and design development.

Here are also some good things to know.


Since every site is unique and has its own set of requirements, we will customize a development schedule that works best for you and/or your company.

Clear and constant communication to discuss design, requirement and goals is essential to a execute a realistic schedule that leads to success.

We know that often decisions get delayed, key people making decisions are unavailable, and therefore deadlines are nudged but we will do our absolute best to stick to all committed schedules.


Here is a typical breakdown of schedule:

Phase One: Planning the project

Time = 1 week
This is the most important phase, the pre-game planning. Here we ask you questions to help us design the best site for you. We are setting the stage for a lightning quick production... one that is fast, accurate, and serves your purpose. Your project team is assembled and the planning begins. A creative brief which summarizes the site's goals will be created, and the time between phases will be determined based on the decision-making process of your organization.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Who do i expect to come to my website?
  • What am i trying to convey or accomplish with my website?
  • Do i want to sell products or do i simply want to display my services or work on my website?
  • How many pages do i want to have on my website?
  • Do i want to have a message-board where people can share ideas and have discussions?
  • Or do i want to have a blog where i can post writings on the topics of my choice?

Once these types of questions have been answered, you will start to get a picture of exactly what it is you want from your website.

Phase two: Planning the site

Time = 1 week
Here is where the blueprint of your site is laid out. Using the information from the creative brief, navigation and user-scenarios are discussed. We ask you which web sites you like and dislike, to give us a sense of your style. At the end of this phase, we give you a site map and technical specifications.

(optional) Logo design and creation

Time = 1-3 weeks
If you would like to incorporate a new identity with your website, we begin with the creation of a new logo. To keep with a tight schedule, we recommend choosing between 2-3 logo designs and then having 2 rounds of refinements. Each round of design takes approximately one week.

Phase three: Establish your requirements:

Once you have begun to develop a picture of what you want and expect from your website, we can then create our "Requirements Document" which consists of:

Larger projects will require further levels of consideration to assess the additional technical requirements should they exist.

Phase four: Service Agreement & Deposit:

After the Requirements Document has been agreed upon, it can be signed by both parties, (you the client and ChantzTheWebsiteGuy). This document will now be known as our Service Agreement.

This Service Agreement is signed so both parties know exactly what work is expected to be done and as well as, it outlines the details of the website project.

When the Service Agreement is signed, a down payment of 1/2 of the cost of the job shall be submitted and away we go! The 2nd 1/2 of the website cost will be paid upon a "successful launch" of the website. See Step 5 below for what constitutes a "successful launch".

Phase three: Home Page design

Time = 1-3 weeks
Once we have the blueprint of your site we get to work on the look and feel. Your design will reflect your organization's goals while maintaining user appeal and speed. For those on a tighter schedule, we will present 3 initial site designs, which include navigation for your target user. Once you choose the style you like, we recommend 2 rounds of slight refinements to finalize your home page. As with logos, each round of design is completed in a week. By the end of primary page design, we will need your finalized site content.

Phase four: Secondary Page Design

Time = 1-2 weeks
At this point, we need to work out the details of headers and subnavigation. Working with the look and feel of the Home Page, and your organization's site maintenance plans, we develop treatments for internal pages that are user friendly, easy to navigate and promote a professional image. In this phase, you will see how we attract your target audience with the home page, and KEEP them in the section pages.

Phase five: Site production

Time = 1-2 weeks
Watch the work fly! ZWeb99 specializes in creating immaculate, fast-loading HTML pages that are accessible, cross-browser friendly and easy to maintain or integrate with back-end technology. Once design and content is finalized, we can efficiently code your pages. Sit back and relax, your site is almost complete. Your only concern now is where to have the launch party!

Phase six: Final Q/A testing and final deliverables

Time = 1 week
Quality Assurance and testing ensures that your site will run smoothly on different browsers and platforms. We thoroughly test your site and try to correct any glitches. After testing, all materials for the site will be delivered. These include layered Photoshop files, HTML templates, and a style guide.

STEP 5 - Review and final payment:

*** This is a very important part of the process. ***

Keep in mind, i want nothing more than for you to be 100% happy with the work provided and to continue as your website care-taker and I hope our previous works and success stories can attest to the quality of work I strive to provide.

But as websites go, you can have 100 people see a website and have a 100 different opinions about how it looks. This is why Step 2 Establishing the Requirements is so important.

So, in trying to be 100% fair to both parties involved, you will have 10 days (including weekends) from the launch date of the website to review, list and submit whatever changes you would like to the new website.

Any work done after the 10th day after the website's launch will be done at the rate of $85 per hour. See pricing for more details.

I am available any time by e-mail and telephone to discuss any unforeseen events that may occur and of course I will work with you to the best of my ability.

Phase seven: Site Maintenance Training

Time = 2-3 days
After your site is live, we would like to train you on site maintenance. Our personal site-maintenance training package covers how to make basic changes changes to the content without affecting the graphic framework of the page, or the consistent flow across pages. This material is covered in both print and in-person to ensure we tap into the learning style of your staff members. Post-training, we remain available via phone, email or instant messenger to answer questions as our trainees ease into the transition to maintaining the site themselves.

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