Set Requirements and leave it

We can not go 85% of the way through the project and then have client as for custom programming changes.

Hourly updates

Updates are $40 / hour with a $20 minimum and we bill in 15 minute increments.

Email changes - not phone, not skype, not Facebook

My email inbox is my TODO list. It's where I go everyday to prioritize my work. Also it is the documentation and website requirements that are mandatory in website and software work. So if you are "not an email person" please do try to check and thoroughly respond to emails for the best result of the website.

A must read

Shift + Refresh

To see changes to a webpage, you need to hold the Shift Key on your keyboard and click the Refresh button in your browser. This forces the browser to get the freshest files from the server.

The Design Process

This is a collaboration - a 2 way street. I rely on the client to convey their wants so that I can deliver what desired. I've had people just say "I don't care just make it nice", that never ends well...To provide the design a client wants, I need to know color schemes, page layout and preferably examples of websites that they like.

3 Missed Payments

You miss 3 payments your website service will be suspended until balance is paid.

When we part

20 years from now I will not be doing your website. That's just a fact, so if and when the time comes for us to part, I will do so fairly and honorably.


Spam emails

As your website starts to get "indexed" better by the web crawlers and search engines. It also will begin to get picked up by people soliciting website work. There are people in India (I know some) who regularly do Google searches and then send solicitation emails to the websites that show up in the results.  We do encrypt our email on websites so automated programs can not pick up the email but that does not prevent people from manually sending you emails. So, just a heads up...

Know how Yelp makes money:

Yelp filters a business's good reviews and leaves the negative ones to force business owners to pay the entry level $300/m for "preferred listings" Positive reviews will be filtered by their "algorithm" at their discression.

On the Marin Computers website (repair store I've worked out of for 9+ years), Yelp filtered our positive reviews to the point that I eventually took screen shots and posted them on our website.

With our filtered results on the Yelp website we have a 3 star rating =\. They filtered all of our good reviews and said the only way to 'unfiltered' them was to pay! So be warned.